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We are a team of developers, product managers, researchers, traders, former founders and business builders partnering with founders and creators to launch the next generation of Web 3 innovations.
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Trading Firm
Proprietary trading firm that specialize in digital assets in the blockchain space.
Computing power-focused company. We invest in computing power and related infrastructure to support.
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How we help people thrive
Timotius Jason
Quantitative Research
Working with Tokka Labs allowed me to be involved in a full DeFi market making experience. As a quant intern, I got to work with an incredible team, and learn and apply the relevant quantitative modelling, programming, and research skills on a day-to-day basis to bring the best trading strategies to the firm.
Gordon Tan
Throughout the course of my internship, I enjoyed the exposure and autonomy given to navigate through the various assignments. I have gained a lot of fresh insights and a much deeper understanding of defi and web3 space. A great place to learn and grow!
Muhammad Rilwan
I thoroughly enjoyed my tenure as a blockchain developer intern at Vega Solutions. Throughout my internship, I delved into the realm of protocol research and widened my perspective of the cryptocurrency landscape. I also had the opportunity to acquire invaluable skills under the guidance of my supervisor. My exposure to diverse facets such as venture capital research and smart contract development has proven to be an illuminating and enriching experience.
Justin Gnoh
As an intern, I gained a deep insight into the blockchain space, developing proficiency across a diverse range of technical skills. Coupled with a dynamic job scope, I was able to synergize these skills with DeFi/TradFi concepts to support various internal projects. Overall this experience has instilled adaptability, analytical skills, and a deep curiosity for the possibilities in the blockchain space.